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About Peace+Love

Peace+Love, the Official Brand for World Peace, believes “you are what you wear” If you believe in the power of peace, love, and nonviolence; you definitely want to wear peace+love and take the pledge for Peace+Love.  Every purchase will benefit 501(c)3 organization Peace Love Worldwide.

Brother and Sister, Herman Davis and Rochelle Satchell (pictured), are the founders of Peace+Love and Peace Love Worldwide. The Peace+Love brand and 501(c)3 Peace Love Worldwide were created after their sister, Theresa Davis, a victim of domestic violence was murdered by her husband. Peace+Love is this family’s way of turning tragedy to triumph using the fusion of F.A.M.E. fashion, arts, music, and entertainment to create greater awareness of issues related to social injustice, domestic violence, violence against men, women, and children.

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Peace+Love is committed to the positive promotion of world peace and nonviolence using the fusion of F.A.M.E.(fashion, arts, music, and entertainment) while collaborating with other organizations whose mission statement works cohesively with a shared commitment to reducing violence.


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