About Peace & Love

Founders, Rochelle Satchell and Herman Davis

Peace and Love is an organization that was founded after the founder’s sister, a victim of domestic violence, was murdered by her husband in 1985.  Theresa Linda Davis was a sister, a daughter, a friend, and mother to three small children, Darnell aged 10, Danielle aged 6 and Danny aged 2 when their mother was murdered by their father. Rochelle Satchell, Theresa’s sister worked with many organizations around the issue of domestic violence and violence overall when she realized that most of these organizations were not marketing the issue or a unified approach to creating greater awareness around the root causes and diverse solutions for addressing the causes. Peace and Love was created to unify all people around the cause of promoting world peace and non-violence.

Rochelle Satchell and her brother, Herman Davis have been working diligently to create a world focused on Peace and Love and non-violence

The mission of the Peace and Love Movement is to serve as a collaborative social cause marketing platform committed to the positive promotion of world peace and non-violence.   Peace and Love recognizes that through the positive promotion and marketing of peace and love we can educate, empower and enrich the lives of individuals while inspiring individuals to seek peaceful resolution to violence. By making educated, informed choices when faced with violence individuals have the power to save lives by making better choices and therefore creating a world filled with peace, love, and non-violence.

Through the execution of a strategic marketing plan designed to increase the awareness of violence and its effects from an educational and empowering position; rather than an editorial incidental position; while raising funds to support program-based peace and non-violence initiatives.  It is our belief that empowered, educated people have the power to save lives by making better informed choices.  Marketing is the infusion of the same consistent message designed to stimulant the mind of consumers.

The mission of the Peace + Love Movement is to serve as a platform for the enrichment of individuals to adopt peace instead of the violence that cripples our cities, our country, our world. Peace + Love recognizes that through love and understanding, can we inspire those who choose violence as a resolution to seek a more peaceful means. Creating a better world, one challenge at a time.


Peace+Love light up Philadelphia at the CIRA Center

Donations Go To…

Peace+Love for the creation of Peace Pads.  Peace Pads are youth centers, designed by youth and for youth in their community to provide a safe, creative environment for youth to learn conflict resolution, anger management, and other life essential skills.


1) Violence is a choice….you always have the choice of walking away, seeking peace, turning the other cheek and moving on.

2) If you think it…if you believe it…if you live it..anything can be achieved.

3) Everyone and anyone has the power to save a life.


1) Domestic Violence – 1 out 4 women falls victim to violence or sexual coercion every 8 seconds

2) Children and Violence – violence is the #2 killer of children aged 10+ in the U.S. regardless of race

3) African-American males aged 14-24 – violence is the #1 killer of this grou

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